Hey everyone,

I recently started playing shadow priest because I wanted to change from healing to dealing damage and going shadow is definitely the way to go.

The basics to DPS:

1. Main talents to have: From Darkness Comes Light and Divine Insight

2. Simply spam Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain on every possible target you can find.

3. You will get mind spike procs, however save them for 3 orbs. But use Mind Blast every time Divine Insight procs, or whenever its off CD.

4. Wait for your 2 orbs which is when you decide on which target your going to kill.

5. By the time you have decided on your kill target follow this sequence: Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Devouring Plague, Mind Spike spam or Mind Blast if it procs.

In this way you got a lot of focused damage within a very short period of time, and at the same time you got your dots rolling out of the team. You got some dispel protection going on as well.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Keep you distance away from the main fight so you can avoid AOE CC.

2. Watch out for your healers. As a healer myself I understand how they can be targeted. Use your Fear or Psychic Horror on those Rogues, Warrior or Death Knights. Also, its not a bad idea to use all your damage just to peel them off your healers. You can kill them quite easily.

3. Always save your silence when dealing damage to a healer.

4. Max out your haste to get casts within the 1.10 – 1.12 cast time range, and then spec into crit.

5. Practise on dummies to multi dot.

6. Always use your CC of CD. Every CC does definitely count and can actually win a game without you even realising it!!!

Thats all for now. I didn’t cover everything exactly, but I believer this is sufficient enough to get anyone willing to try out shadow.

Good luck.


Hey guys,

How are we all doing? I’ve been trying to focus more into RBGs lately and it hasn’t been fun at all ….. lol?

If you are reading this, then there is a high chance that you may be a priest and maybe interested in an all priest RBG. This may sound like a bad idea, but I have thought about giving this a go. Strats below …. Just add me on B-tag Imposkill#1818 …. or then send me an email (info given in the about section) for recommendations/discussion or even if you think its a complete failure. Also if your adding me on B-Tag please put in “All Priest RBG” in the message area.


Team fights – Defensives and CC: Silence, Fear Bombs. Void Tendrils, Leap of Faiths, Mass Dispels, Prayer of Mending …. This sounds plenty and enough to survive the warrior onslaughts that seem to happen a lot these days.

Offensives – Dispel Protection, Cascade (if timed together we could wipe the other team instantly), DOT everything and hit everything. I’m not sure if insanity would work or not since there is so much CC and interrupts, I’d prefer FDCL and hit whatever as long healers are CCed, but insanity could also work.

Healers – I would go for all Holy Priests, Discipline just seems bad for RBG …. the numbers are impossible to match the two specs together. However, Discs could be useful in certain situations.

Defending Nodes – Priests can avoid getting CC capped by rogues or anyone if they use their pet wisely ….

Flag Carry – Ive been working on a Disc Priest tank spec …. looks really good on paper, will see how it works out with the appropriate gear …. also we got Leap of Faiths. Also with the amount of Fears, Roots, Disarms, and Silences we can peel of our Flag carrier easily.

That’s all guys …. hopefully this may kick off. Even if it doesn’t ….. at least I gave it a shot.

Hello guys, sorry for having not been posting any articles regarding Discipline priests for quite some time now. I had temporarily started playing shadow, and still getting used to it … but games sure are easy when you got Devouring Plague running. Anyways, the notes on Patch 5.4 were released recently and this article is dedicated to pointing out what my opinions are on them, regarding Discipline priests.

Leap of Faith no longer has a facing requirement. 

A pretty neat buff I would say since you have to put a little less effort in facing your ally to pull them now. As a side note, this would also be really useful for Shadow Priests in gripping their healers out of Hunter Scatter Traps, without having to worry about facing them.

Angelic Feather now increases allies’ movement speed by 80%, up from 60% and the feathers have a duration of 10 minutes, up from 5 minutes.

The previous Angelic Feathers was good enough, but I guess many priests (including myself) still stuck to Body and Soul and Phantasm. I suppose the extra GCD generated by Angelic Feathers was not worth it. I am considering a Disc Priest Flag Carrier spec in the near future and perhaps I might consider this new Angelic Feathers within the Talent Tree mix. But Body and Soul could be equally viable as I shall explain below.

Divine Insight for Discipline Priests now has a 100% chance to activate its effect after using Penance, up from 40%.

Another buff for Discipline Priests. This basically means more Power Word: Shields, which means more Body and Soul uses. Other than the obvious invincibility this provides along with Shields being able to critically absorb, I would consider Disc Priests to be viable for carrying flags. I will have to experience more into this and get some more articles out in the future.

Twist of Fate’s damage and healing threshold to activate has been increased to 35%, up from 20%.

On the same Tier as Divine Insight, Twist of Fate also obtains a buff. For me, I see this being really good at the moment and nearly on par with Divine Insight. The reason being, that if your allys are being focused, you will most probably be able to heal them for 15% more in addition to the other healing percentage increases the discipline priest adds.

Shadowform no longer reduces all damage taken by 15%.

All I have to say is …. poor Shadow Priests ūüėÄ

Feel free to inform me of what your opinions are or if you feel like something needs to be added in the article above. My contact information is available in the About page.


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Macro List

2s With An UnHoly DeathKnight

Tips (Infinite CC Combo Possibility) – Disc or Holy/Feral

Disc Priest 5.1 – How to Survive Against a Warrior

How to CC chain as a Holy Priest in 5.2

Hey guys,

thought I might make a macro page, so here it is. This is for Discipline and Holy, and I do use tons of them, and will put them up gradually. About 90% of these macros are not my ideas, and I have come across them mainly thanks to Hydramist and Fuzionn (from their streams and videos), and forums. I do apologise for not having the #showtooltip in every macro, I’m just too lazy to put that in some of my macros, I only used them sometimes as I probably was in an organised mood at the time I was making the macro in game. Feel free to let me know of any good macros that you may use, via email or in the comments section.

Discipline Priest

Archangel on passive –¬†Use Archangel whenever it’s off CD and when using penance, since penance is the strongest healing disc spell. You can choose this only if you have no mana issues

/cast Archangel /cast Penance

Holy fire/smite on partners target

This macro allows you to cast Holy Fire on your partners target if your partner is your current target, or then if you have the enemy targeted, you cast Holy Fire on him. This pretty much allows to not worry about targeting, and get evangelism stacking. This does save you some precious milliseconds. This can be used with Smite and Pain as well, or any other DPS spell.

#showtooltip Holy Fire
/cast [harm] Holy Fire; [@targettarget] Holy Fire

Polymorph/Repentance Counter

You have to Glyph into Shadow Word: Death to pull this off. You also have to wait until an enemy mage or pally is just about to finish casting. You do not have to worry about targeting an enemy. Just focus on timing, and a bit of positioning. This will cast Death on the nearest enemy, most probably the mage/pally trying to CC you.

#showtooltip Shadow Word: Death

/cast [@target,harm] Shadow Word: Death
/cast Shadow Word: Death

Spirit Shell Flash Heal

/cast Spirit Shell
/cast Flash Heal


Power Word Shield ¬†–¬†not sure if this got changed, but I still use it anyway. If your Shield is unsuccessful for any reason such as Weakened Soul, you can continue casting your other spells. Normally, you would have to deselect Shield to get off another spell cast, but this macro solves that problem.

#showtooltip Power word: shield
/cast power word: shield
/use 1

Void Shift – No need to target your partners to swap healths with them.

/cast [target=party1] Void Shift

/cast [target=party2] Void Shift

Quick Purify

Allows you to Purify your partners in a 3s environment. I use Mouse wheel down for partner 1 and mouse wheel up for partner 2. Really helps to get dispels off fast. I use Shift + E to dispel myself.

/cast [target=Party1] Purify

/cast [target=Party2] Purify

Quick Dispels  РNo need to worry about targeting. I have bound Naga Mouse buttons 7 and 8 to Dispel Arena1 and 2 players respectively.

/cast [target=arena1] Dispel Magic

/cast [target=arena2] Dispel Magic

Quick Dominate Mind

I have binder these 2 macros to my Razer Naga buttons on 10 and 11. Mainly useful in 2s … In 3s, I normally use Psyfiend. With these macro you do not have to worry about targeting …. just be aware of which enemy is Arena 1 and 2 to get this working properly.

/cast [target=arena1] Dominate Mind

/cast [target=arena2] Dominate Mind

Disc Priest “OH SHIT” button

Other than Void Shift, don’t think there really is one, but you could use this. Some people can do a “Use 13/14”, but I just prefer using the trinket name. This gets you to use a health boost, with Barrier, and a Healthstone if your partner happens to be a warlock plus Desperate prayer. I have not tried this yet, but I believe you could add in Void Shift to the

/use Tyrannical Gladiator’s Emblem of Meditation
/cast Desperate Prayer
/use Healthstone
/cast Power Word: Barrier

I have not tried this yet, but I believe you could add in Void Shift to the macro to make it like the one below. Reason I never tried this is because its using too much of your cooldowns in one go. Plus, i never use Desperate Prayer, and perhaps it would be better to use Void Shift separately. But yes, this macro should be possible since none of them trigger the GCD.

/cast [target=Party1] Void Shift
/use Tyrannical Gladiator’s Emblem of Meditation
/use Healthstone
/cast Power Word: Barrier
/cast Desperate Prayer

Inner Focus Flash Heal with Archangel РUse wisely

#showtooltip Flash Heal
/cast Archangel
/cast Inner Focus
/cast Flash Heal

Quick Fear Ward РWhen your expecting a fear on yourself from another priest or warlock, you can cast this on yourself quick without worrying about targeting yourself.

/cast [target=YourName] Fear Ward

Targeting Enemy in 2s –¬†Really useful when making those switches to DPS as a Disc Priest.

/target Arena1 (Key bind: Shift + A) and

/target Arena2 (Key bind: Shift + S)

Target Own team –¬†you do not need really macros for this. The options are available in the key binds sections. I have set my Naga Mouse 1,2,3 buttons to target myself and party members 1 and 2. If you press the buttons again, the players pets are targeted. For example, I have bound Naga Mouse 2 to target party member 1. And my partner is a Hunter. So, I press button 2 to target the Hunter and press is again if I want to target his pet, if I press is again, the Hunter is selected. The same applies for you only when you have your mind bender out (not sure about Psyfiend).

Leap of Faith¬†– I only use this in 2s at the moment … No need to bother with targeting your partner.

/cast [target=Party1] Leap of Faith

Holy Priest

Coming soon …

Well, took quite a long break from writing anything … and also losing most of my 2s partners as they have moved to other servers … its been hard finding some decent players on my server .

I eventually came across a Deathknight and decided to tag along with him in 2s …. and boy, were the games easy. Hit past 1750 in no time, and didn’t try to push it any further as we were having some timing issues. Here are some strategies for an Unholy DK and Disc Priest team against healer comps.

CC chain Asphyxiate and Psychic Scream.

When the DK lands in his stun on the healer, priority is to make sure that both, you and the DK are above 90% health. If this is the case, pop a mind bender on the kill target with a Shadow Word: Pain, while heading towards the stunned healer to fear him/her. This provides for a decent 12 seconds CC every 30 seconds. During this time, your DK partner and you should DPS the kill target. You will definitely force a trinket. Survive for the next 30 seconds and repeat = Win.

Against higher rated teams.

The only teams we were unsuccessful against, were a Frost Mage and Disc Priest team. Other losses were due to silly reasons such as LOS and not keeping track of our health bars.

At higher ratings, the enemy will not allow you to fear their healer. In this case, sit with your partner and get him to pull their healer after about 3 seconds into the stun. Having the right macros should make this really easy to pull off. Moreover, this gives you a better chance to get in a double fear.

Each time you get in a successful fear, your DK partner is able to stack some heavy necrotic strikes. putting immense pressure on the other teams healer even after coming out of CC.

Hard Switches

I don’t really know much about Unholy DKs, but sometimes my partner made some hard switches and attacked healers, while using the same CC chain on the healer. This also proved to be really effective, especially with the element of surprise. I remember this one Resto Druid and Rogue team, who managed to get the game past 10 minutes. We just made a hard switch on the Druid realising he had no HOTs on him, asphyxiate into a fear …. the fear sent the rogue away for 8 seconds ¬†(he didn’t have a trinket, and for some reason the druid didn’t dispel him…. maybe went out of range or something). The DK stun, along with our DPS brought the druid down to around 60% hp with the fear bringing him down to around 25%-30%. The druid tried to heal himself, but it was too late for him (He did have a trinket, but didn’t use it for some reason) … necrotics and a little DPS help from my end finished him off.

If you have an Unholy DK contact, do get in touch with him …. and if your looking for 3s, try tagging along with a BM Hunter and Unholy DK.

Good Luck!

This article is purely based on my opinion through my experience playing on the PTR.

Alright, so this is a hard decision, and I hate to build up suspense in boring the living daylights out of you people but jotting down the advantages and disadvantages of playing Discipline and holy. And so, it is in my opinion that Holy is a better class to play than Discipline (I have been playing disc ever since I started playing WOW last year).


1. Instant Spells

Almost all Holy spells are instants and therefore saves us from being interrupted. This relieves us from the pressure of getting locked out of our healing for a few seconds. As a disc, our main spell being penance can easily be locked out. Yes, we can fake cast or get a glyph and run around a pillar to heal. But as Holy, all we need to fake cast is one flash heal, and we are in total control of our healing.

2. Mobility

Holy priests can be more mobile. This can be facilitated through taking the talent Angelic Feathers, rather than Body and Soul or Phantasm. Angelic feathers have an almost 100% uptime, and we do not have to waste over 17k mana for shields to get a 4 second speed boost. In fact, Angelic Feather cost no mana and give a 6 second boost to speed compared to Body and soul for 4 seconds. Body and soul is more appropriate for Disc, but I feel that Angelic feather is much more beneficial.

3. Diversity

More diversity and effort as a Holy priest. I’m not taking anything away from Discs, but as a Holy if you want to DPS you change your Chakra stance, and if you want to single target heal you change your Chakra stance again, and if you want to AOE you change stances yet again. For those not aware of it, Divine Star and Prayer of Mending are AOE heals in addition to Circle of Healing, which means the Sanctuary stance would be more useful here. Divine Star can heal for a total of around 96K in a non PVP environment. This gives us great diversity and keeps us thinking whats the best way to maximise your healing.

4. Crowd Control

Holy Priests can CC more and heal when CCed. Echo of Light, Sanctuary, prayer of mending and Lightwell can help contribute to heal your partners even after you are cced. Moreover, most of your spells are instant, so there is one CC (interrupts) less to worry about. Holy priests have an extra CC as well, called Chastise which has a chance to refresh on its cool down of 30 seconds if you cast enough smites. Combine Chastise and Angelic Feathers, and you will almost never ever miss on your Psychic Screams. Yes Discipline priests have shields and prayer of mending as well. But thats pretty much about it. Their shields also have a chance of critical absorbs, which is very strong when that does happen.

5. Mana?

Well in this department, Holy priests are a bit behind. I feel like Holy needs to use more mana than Discs in 5.2. But both classes and survive for a long time until going OOM, and any short periods of not casting does fairly bring our mana back up, so not much issues here really.

6. Guardian Spirit

This spell has the ability to prevent anyone from dying while active for 10 seconds, and heal them back to 50% of their maximum health. This takes some skill to use perfectly, and gives off great satisfaction if you can pull it off. Seriously, you should try it out. This is also on a 3 minute cool down (really short compared to its utility)!!! So next time if you Void Shift and you are being targeted, just pop Guardian Spirit on yourself and you should be fine. However, a word of warning …. I’ve read a few people on the forums complaining that this does not work at times.